Commercial Roof Failure? Repair or Replace?


The building owner has to decide on a roof replacement and a repair when a fault with the roof arises. Investments are important for both choices. However, the cost to replace a commercial roof is much more than repair. Nonetheless, there are situations when a replacement is necessary.

At PWCR, we are a team of licensed and certified roofers. As a leading Niagara Falls roofing contractor, we provide a range of roofing services. Contact us today for long-term commercial roofing solutions and to know the cost to replace a commercial roof.

Why do commercial roofs fail?


Let’s go over some of the top reasons for commercial roof failure.

1. Poor material

Most of the time, we have little information or control over how the roofs of the commercial properties we buy were constructed. Many business roof structures are made of the least expensive material imaginable.

2. Lack of routine maintenance and inspection

One thing that you would not want to let go of is your roof. A little issue might turn into a much worse one if necessary, maintenance is put off or forgotten, even by a few weeks. Hiring the best Niagara Falls roofing contractors for regular maintenance can fix the issue.

3. Avoiding issues when they’re small

It is in our tendency to put off fixing a tiny issue until it develops into a bigger one; after all, if it doesn’t affect how you live your life, why bother? Although we can appreciate the desire, failure comes from disregarding roofing issues. A minor leak that is now fixable could cause the entire ceiling to topple in a month.

4. Exposure

One of the main causes of roof failure is weather. Our harsh seasons here in Niagara Falls can pose their own difficulties for even a sturdy roof. Consider whether your commercial building is located in a location where the roof may frequently be subjected to chemicals or pollutants. It includes wind, rain, snow, storms, and the heat of the sun.

5. Roof’s age

Depending on your environment, your business roof will likely fail after 20, 25, or 30 years due to natural aging. When this occurs, you can be glad that your roofing had a long life and develop a replacement strategy. An expert commercial roofing company in Niagara Falls can help you do that.

Commercial roof: repair or replace?

Here are some points to consider when thinking about repairing or replacing the roof:

Damaged areas

Sometimes the damage to the roof is isolated to a single region. Repairing smaller sections is frequently simple. In most circumstances, a repair is also feasible if the insulation and the majority of the roof are still in good condition. Roofing contractors suggest replacing the roof if the damage spans a large portion of it or the insulation is in bad condition.

A repair can be sufficient if the loss is contained to a small part of the structure that the company does not frequently or extensively utilize. But, you might need to think about a replacement if the harm is in a location that is essential to operations.

Intensity of the damage

You can save both time and money by merely doing the repairs if the bulk of the roofing is in good condition and you are able to survive by fixing little leaks or minor damage.

The roof must continue to be in good shape if you intend to occupy the structure for some time. A roof replacement can be the best choice if the results of your maintenance inspection are unfavorable. A commercial roofing company can conduct inspections and replace your roof.

History of leaks and damages

A 10-year-old roof is expected to continue functioning for another 10 years if there was only one leak, which was eventually discovered and mended with no more issues. Consequently, if there is a small leak, a repair can perform miracles.

A similar-aged roof is unlikely to continue to be trustworthy if leakage, saturation, and fracture formation have occurred repeatedly. A criteria comparable to the three-strikes regulation could be implemented with remarkable precision when evaluating the general effectiveness of a roof. The roof needs to be replaced after that. The cost to replace a commercial roof will then have a proper justification.


Sometimes the only feasible choice left is to replace a commercial roof. Replace your commercial roof if the damage to your roof is so severe that repairs would only result in a partial replacement. However, the final decision depends on the scale of damage, the cost to fix it, and how the professional suggests you approach the process. PWCR is a leading contractor for commercial roofing in Niagara Falls. Contact us today!

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