It’s important to note that the roofing industry has recently struggled with labor and material shortages before we get into commercial roof replacement. Subsequently, this will impact your roofing project’s labor and cost per square foot.

Consider talking with a roofing expert about how maintenance and repair work might extend the life of your present roof. Also, the weathertight layer of modern coating technologies shields commercial roofs from UV deterioration and weathering, extending their useful life.

Though there are precautious shields for roofs, they need to be replaced once in their lifetime. Certain factors affect the cost of replacing a commercial roof, detailed below.

Commercial and residential roofs might have vastly different roofing systems. Commercial roofs are often lower sloping or flat and are substantially bigger than residential roofs, necessitating a much larger roof design and varied roofing requirements.

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Factors Affecting the Cost to Replace a Commercial Roof:

Commercial roofing systems are complicated. Numerous elements affect the cost of repairing your business’s roof. According to some statistics, the typical cost to replace a commercial roof might run anywhere from $4 per square foot to $15 or more. With such a wide range, it’s vital to understand why it’s so wide and how your company fits into it.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial roofs often come in either a flat or a sloping design. The material it is built of and the type of roof influences the ease of access. Compared to flat roofs, sloped roofs provide a far wider selection of roofing materials.

Materials for Commercial Roofs

  • Flat roofing systems often have single-ply roofs since they are the most economical and easiest to install.
  • Built-up or modified bituminous roofs offer more layers and protection for flat roofing systems than single-ply, but they will cost you more to repair.
  • On sloping roofs, shingles may be seen, which can improve the visible roof’s aesthetics. The type of shingle will determine how much it will cost to replace (asphalt shingles, wood, and slate are popular options for commercial roofs).
  • Another choice for sloping roofs is tile, which has a 50-year lifespan. The cost of this material is often the highest, though.
  • Sloped commercial roofs frequently choose metal roofs, which come in several metal types. Although this choice can come in many designs or hues, it is frequently one of the most expensive kinds of roofs.

Damaged Roof

There may be hidden expenditures to fix what is below your roof and safeguard your building from moisture, depending on the roofing system underneath your roof and insulation. Until you know what is below your current roof, it can be challenging to foresee and budget for these expenditures, which can mount up rapidly if any hidden problems emerge.

Roof Size

Naturally, the cost of replacing a bigger roof will be higher. But, depending on your material and roof type, the price per square foot may decrease, providing discounts for bigger roofing systems.

Roof Elements

The number of structures on your roof will affect the installation cost since workers must accommodate them. Systems for ventilation and draining are included.

Codes and Permits

If specific permissions are needed for your roof, the installation time and cost will increase. Moreover, bear in mind any municipal regulations that your roof must follow.

Additional Considerations

Commercial roofs may occasionally need to be upgraded with drainage slopes, insulation, or parapet walls. All of these are extra expenses that your roofing contractor may estimate. These should all be carefully evaluated since a roof, regardless of its material, cannot operate well without a whole system that works in concert to protect your building.

How much does commercial roofing cost?

The size and type of your roof will greatly impact the price of a commercial roof replacement. For instance, replacing a small flat roof on a one-story office building might cost over $80,000, not including tear-off, while replacing a large pitched roof on a multistory warehouse might cost over $200,000.

Commercial roofing costs might vary substantially depending on the materials used and the work involved. For instance, the price per square foot for a straightforward asphalt shingle roof might be as low as $7.00, while the price per square foot for a more intricate metal or tile roof can reach upwards of $9.00, not counting tear-off. Of course, these costs to replace or install a new roof also depend on the project’s size and complexity and your location.

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As you can see, several factors, like the size of your property, the materials you select, the environment, and more, affect the price of a commercial roof replacement. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin while replacing a business roof. Depending on your budget, the friendly contractors at PWCR can respond to all your inquiries and identify the ideal option for your impending commercial roof replacement.

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