One of nature’s most destructive forces, hail damages hundreds of homes annually in Canada, costing millions of dollars to restore. Knowing what to look for and how to have the damage fixed are crucial for identifying roof hail damage. In addition, having homeowners’ insurance can help you repair storm damage.  

There are a few straightforward steps that may be taken to ensure the safety and security of a roof following hail damage. This blog includes explaining how to build a new roof, swap out shingles, and re-roof the entire structure. 

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Step 1: Assessment  


The impact of a hailstorm on a roof might differ based on the materials, age, and construction of the roof. The size, speed, and composition of the hail also affect the roof damage. There are several indications that hail has damaged the material under the shingles on the roof. This includes black spots on the roof, the loss of granules on the shingles, dents or dings, and tears or splits in the shingles.  

 Although metal roofs are less likely to sustain serious roof hail damage, they should nonetheless check their ridge cap and trim for indications that strong winds have compromised the integrity of the material. 


It’s essential to get a clear look at the roof hail damage from outside your home. Stand in your yard and use your smartphone’s zoom to snap close-up images of the damage, or if the top of your house is particularly high up or at a low angle, use binoculars or a scope. It’s also advisable to look at the roofs of your neighbors to get a sense of the type of material and style they are using. 

Step 2: Choosing a commercial roofing contractor 


Roof inspectors are trained to swiftly identify all sorts of roof hail damage. This includes cosmetic and functional damage. They also offer repair ideas. These inspections are frequently free. It is crucial to get one done to be safe if there is any possibility of roof damage. It’s a good idea to first check the roof on your own after a severe hailstorm. 

Find a contractor  

Finding a reliable roof contractor to complete the repairs for you is important once your roof has been inspected and you have determined that repairs are necessary. This can be done by asking friends who have recently had their roofs fixed or via internet research. Check the contractor’s insurance and license status, and look up evaluations of the business. 

Get a quote  

After choosing a reputable and trusted contractor, you can get a quote, the time frame needed for this type of work, the materials required, and all the related expenses. This is a chance to speak with the prospective contractor face-to-face regarding the commercial roof replacement cost. Make sure the contractor is informed about their work and able to confidently respond to any of your inquiries. You can tell a lot about the contractor’s work ethic, professionalism, and roofing competence from this. 

To get a complete picture of rates in your area, research three estimates from various roofing contractors. The advantages of using a local roofing company in Mississauga include their familiarity with insurance adjusters, ability to complete the job more quickly, and knowledge of the appropriate building codes in your area. This will enable you to submit claim forms to your insurer and obtain a thorough analysis of local price ranges. 

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Step 3: Claim Insurance 

After assessing the damaged roof and collecting a few quotes, claim with the insurance companies. Depending on the type of insurance coverage, the claims process may vary. It typically requires an assessor come out to look at the damage. 

Insurance companies have their own standards for what is covered by its hail repair policy. There should be no coverage assumptions made. In general, home insurance policies cover the following: roofs, siding/exteriors, windows, gutters & downspouts, skylights, and patio covers. Someone may ask someone to come out and make the repairs when the claim is resolved. 


PWCR has dealt with a variety of storm damage. Our team is aware of the significance of acting quickly, as storms and hail damage can occur suddenly and are practically hard to avoid. Contact us right away to repair the roof damage.