The roof, as an essential component of any structure, should be fixed at the first sign of deterioration to avoid expensive repairs in the future. Roof maintenance is critical for the health and safety of your property and the people who reside there. A perfect roofing structure helps in obtaining the best asking price for your home when selling and preventing further damage.

Knowing whether to hire a commercial roofing professional is dependent on your capacity to monitor the health of your roof, yet accessing your roof is sometimes too dangerous for homeowners. To determine whether your roof needs care, hire commercial roofing Mississauga, to examine it for you or use a pair of binoculars to look at it from the ground.

Here are some signs for you to contact a local roofing contractor.

1. Roof Granule Loss and Missing Shingles

Shingles protect the roof from damage by creating a watertight and wind-resistant seal between themselves. It is a clue that your roof’s shingles have declined if you observe little heaps of black or grey granules in your gutters or accumulated in your downspouts. If you see some missing shingle or a shingle dropped onto your grass, the roof shingle is declined.

2. Shingle Pops on Roof

Shingles that appear to rise above the rest of the roof’s flat surface may indicate hail damage, but they could also indicate a lack of attic ventilation.

Shingles might blister or pop if the temperature in the attic rises beyond 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A trained contractor will inspect your attic for aeration and explain why your shingles are damaged.

3. Water Stains and Leaks on Roof

Call a professional from a residential or commercial roofing company Mississauga, if you notice water stains and leaks on the roof. Water stains signal a leaking roof, which can cause significant damage. During or after a storm, pay close attention to any water that pools in unexpected places.

4. Notice Flashing That Is Loose or Worn

If you find broken, loose, or worn flashing or gaskets surrounding your vent stacks and chimneys, it’s probably a sign of something serious. Any spot on the roof where the shingles meet a protrusion has a higher chance of failing. Roof leaks can be caused by improperly applied or failed caulking or flashing, which shows the roof is in an incorrect fix.

5. Unusual Post-Storm Debris on Roof

Storms, snowstorms, and other weather events can damage your roof. The wind is known for dislodging shingles, knocking tree limbs onto the roof, and creating a slew of other debris.

If you’ve recently suffered a large storm, inspect your roof to find any damage or debris. If you see anything unusual, contact a specialist. A small problem is always easier to solve before it grows into a bigger problem.

6. Roof Is Growing Algae, Mold, and Moss

commercial-roofing-contractorsIf you have algae, mildew, or moss growing on your roof, you may require professional help or, in the case of outbreaks, a complete roof replacement. When the wind blows, algae and mold develop in crevices and roof corners. Algae and molds, if left untreated, produce stains and leaks.

A small outbreak can be treated with chemicals by a professional from commercial roofing contractor Mississauga, but if your roof is covered in moss, you may need to replace it.

7. Ice Dams Are Easy To Spot

When your attic is warm enough to melt snow in the winter, ice dams form, causing water to seep beneath the shingles. These ice dams may break your gutters off, weaken roofing, and create catastrophic leaks if left untreated.

If water is trapped behind icicles, an ice dam is present. Icicles can be removed by a professional from commercial roofing Mississauga, which allows the blocked water to drain naturally.

8. Roof Is Sagging

Sagging in any portion of your roof indicates moderate-to-severe structural problems. Look for roofline bowing or dips in the roof’s plane. If you see the roof sagging, contact your preferred specialist for repairs.

9. Old Roof

Even though you might not notice any visible problems, an older roof should be inspected and maintained more frequently than a fresh roof.

Contact a commercial roofing contractor Mississauga, if you suspect your roof is damaged due to aging or exposed to extreme weather.


With the concerns described above, knowing the age of your roof is crucial for considering whether you should invest in roof repairs or replacement. Most roofs survive roughly 25 years, depending on the material used in construction. Keep an eye on your roof’s condition; when reaching its 20th birthday, you can contact a residential or commercial roofing service Mississauga, to explore your roof condition.