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At Province Wide Commercial Roofing, we provide you with the best roofing business in St. Catherine. With us, you can benefit from an affordable service that is licensed, insured, and focuses on solving your issues. We achieve this by ensuring that our staff members pay close attention to all of your demands, which puts us at the top of many lists of the top roofing companies in St. Catharines. Our highly skilled workers are efficient, professional, and safety-conscious; they treat our customer’s houses with respect while working, and they leave job sites tidy when they’re done. In the end, as a reliable roofing company in St. Catharines, we aim to provide the greatest goods, services, and excellent craftsmanship in the roofing sector.

Home Roofing St. Catharines

We are an affordable home roofing company in St. Catharines. At PWCR, you can get a comprehensive selection of roofing services and goods for residential and business customers in the surrounding areas of St. Catharines. We meticulously plan each roofing project to ensure smooth operation and timely completion, which makes us the best roofing company in St. Catharines.

For your home, we provide a full range of roofing services (including roof replacements, custom roofscapes, attic insulation, winter roofing services like snow and ice dam removal, emergency repairs, and more). In addition, we can assist you if you wish to increase your home’s energy efficiency, resale value, aesthetic appeal, or structural integrity.

Commercial Roofing St. Catharines

For commercial structures, including schools, warehouses, factories, shops, rental properties, offices, restaurants, storage facilities, and hospitals, we provide Commercial roofing in St. Catharines. We have customers who we have served for more than a few decades, and we can probably help you too. We are pleased to offer free quotes for the following roofing services in St. Catharines:

Services for Commercial Roofing

  • New roof installation
  • Re-Roofs, Repairs
  • Maintenance in advance

As the best roofing companies in St. Catharines, Ontario, we feel that the best way to manage the outcome of a project effectively is by handling all steps of a re-roofing job ourselves, from tear-off through the application of the new roof system. The entire procedure is substantially improved when a property owner deals with only one individual regarding a roofing project.

In St. Catharines and across Ontario, commercial roofing systems are in particularly high demand from company owners. Local businesses and their commercial roofing systems deal with various issues, from rusted and leaking metal roofs to rain-worn and ripped membrane roofs.

All varieties of roofing supplies in St. Catharines, including tile, cedar shakes, tar and gravel, and dimension shingles, have been used successfully by our business. We are one of the top roofing company St. Catharines that offer free estimates and consultations, are fully insured, and install seamless gutters, downspouts, skylights, and ventilation, in addition to inspecting and repairing existing commercial roofs.

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Roof Repair in St. Catharines

Maintenance and repairs extend the life of a roof. There will be issues when a roof becomes older. Fortunately, our Roofing Company St. Catharines experts have the knowledge and expertise to assist with maintenance or repairs. Additionally, to prevent a more expensive roof replacement, our staff continually works to prolong the life of your roof.

Filling pitch pockets, replacing worn-out caulking, and mending blisters and ridges are all important to keep your roof from having a total replacement. Instead, these straightforward and affordable maintenance options will increase the lifespan of your roof.

Roof repair is required if the problem is more significant than minor maintenance concerns. We may execute selective roof repairs using new and better materials to rapidly and effectively restore damaged sections.

We are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to manage difficult roof repair St. Catharines and maintenance jobs. For the roofing requirements of our clients, we offer the best plans. In addition, we excel at establishing high standards for career support for our staff members in the safety and expertise of roof repairs.

Roofing FAQs

1. Should I replace the entire roofing system or just the shingles?

The components of a roof go well beyond shingles. The best method for improving the performance of the roof is to replace the complete system. It comprises the components listed below:

  • Leak barrier defence
  • Protection for synthetic roof decks
  • Beginning strip shingles
  • Everlasting shingles
  • Ventilation
2. Is winter a good time to replace my roof?

Although winter is a potential alternative, spring and late fall are the optimum times to replace roofs. A skilled roofing crew knows how to build a new roof without risking harm from the cold.

3. Is new roofing a good investment?

One of the best renovation investments in Ontario is quality roofing. Installation of a new roof includes:

  • Increased curb appeal thanks to the home’s depth-adding shingle hues.
  • Increased house value with an ROI of plus 60%.
  • A skilled roof installation and attic ventilation might result in energy savings.
  • In the winter, ice dam prevention.

Replacement roofing of high quality is made to last a lifetime.

4. Is your roofing company licensed, and do you carry liability insurance?

Yes! With us, you may benefit from a licensed service and liability insurance to manage risks and solve issues.

5. Is there a warranty and guarantee?

Yes! We give you a warranty valid for the length of the job once it is finished. We also give a lifetime warranty on our custom goods. In addition, our roofing contractor St. Catharines offers extended warranties on products from reliable manufacturers.

6. How long will my roof last?

Asphalt shingle or tile roofs should typically last 25 to 35 years if installed and cared for appropriately. However, we advise having a roof assessment to ascertain the roof’s remaining usable life if you have recently acquired a property and do not know when it was originally built.

7. Are tile roofs preferable to shingle roofs?

It truly depends upon personal choice and, occasionally, HOA laws! While contemporary asphalt shingle products have shown to be almost as durable as older tile roofing materials, they are frequently easier to repair. However, a high-quality asphalt shingle roof should endure for at least 25 years.

8. Should I get a new roof before I sell my home?

If your roof has to be replaced because it has reached the end of its useful life, selling your home will probably be considerably simpler. On the other hand, a property with a worn-out roof might not be eligible for a mortgage, and potential buyers could be turned off by the cost of installing a new roof.

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