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Province Wide Commercial Roofing Inc. stands out for its safety, quality, and longevity. We are a licensed and insured commercial roofing company in Brampton. You can receive high-quality roofing services from a reputable contractor. Throughout the process, we will be available. We’ve built a firm based on customer service and delivered utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies available in an industry.

Our employees are “Best in Class” at what they do, and we continually reinvest in training, education, and safety. We ensure that our employees adhere to industry safety regulations while providing high-quality workmanship. We offer personalized property management packages at PWCR commercial roofing company Brampton that are tailor-made to match our customer’s needs with their different property interests.

Our Commercial Roofing Services in Brampton, ON Includes But are Not Limited To

Call PWCR – Commercial Roofing Brampton Company for a new roof that meets your expectations. Our roofing systems are manufactured from premium materials, and they’re appealing in a range of colors and shapes. The material we use is resistant to fire and has a high fire rating. Our roof installation crew is well-trained and certified in new technologies. Our distinctive, hassle-free service also includes a labor and material warranty.

You’re moving. Any property owner enjoys building a new business or home. PWCR Roofing Specialist is the top roofing company in Brampton, and we only do roofing, including all roofing services. Our knowledge enables us to recommend the ideal roofing for our customer’s buildings based on their size and location. Affiliations: So, you can expect the most excellent roofing services.

PWCR Roofing Company responds immediately to roof damage. No one wants to deal with a roofing emergency, but Mother Nature forces us to deal with it. Call commercial roof repair Brampton immediately to avoid inside damage if you discover a roofing issue. We will provide qualified roofers to fix any roof damage promptly. Our experts are educated in various roofing materials and can address any roofing issue.

We know that concrete and masonry solutions can help communities develop the best structures. Concrete and masonry can withstand natural and artificial disasters, and they have a wide variety of visual appeal and age well. Concrete and masonry are also less expensive solutions for almost any building. Materials make construction more appealing and long-lasting while satisfying your needs. Aesthetically, concrete and masonry are the most effective choices for safety and comfort.

Flat roof repair is challenging, and leaks and residual moisture are two of the most prevalent issues with flat roofs. A flat roof will develop leaks like any other roof, but the water has nowhere to go but straight down because it’s flat. You can avoid most flat roofing concerns if you choose a skilled and qualified commercial roofing company Brampton to install your roof, utilize the best materials for your building, and conduct regular inspections and maintenance to prevent minor issues from becoming major issues. Call PWCR commercial roof repair Brampton if you have any questions about the condition of your flat roof or if you think it’s time to examine it.

Our Advantages

  • Call us today for a Brampton roofing contractor. It has numerous causes.
  • To begin with, we are experts in our field, which is not true of all roofers.
  • Second, we charge reasonable charges. We use cutting-edge technology, procedures, and materials, but we can get them cheap because we know our suppliers.
  • We usually provide a written estimate to minimize unwanted surprises.
  • For a price quote, please fill out our contact form. Then we’ll send someone out to look at it before we quote it.

Our Services:

  • We do high-quality, superior roofing service in Brampton
  • Residential and Commercial Roofing Services
  • Roof Installation
  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Repairing / Replacement
  • Concrete & Masonry System

Why should you choose PWCR Roofing Specialist?

From the beginning to the end, you will know what to expect.

  1. The most recent technology: Better roofing materials and advanced hardware inspection, replacement, and repair processes are examples of roofing technology developments. PWCR commercial roofing contractor Brampton always explore better ways to repair, replace, and install roofs.
  2. Best-in-class staff: PWCR Roofing Company only uses trained roofers and high-quality materials. We supply certified, bonded, and insured roofers who will deliver the best and longest-lasting roofing solutions.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: You will never be pressured to purchase a service you do not need. We’ll be there for you every step of the way until you’re delighted.
  4. Quality is essential: Residential or commercial property remodelling projects commercial roof replacement, here are a few reasons why PWCR is the company to call.


We understand the challenges of offering industry-leading commercial roofing instals with minimal to no disruption to your everyday operations. When it comes to acquiring dedication, precision, and customer service. PWCR Roofing Specialists can provide all of these features.


Roof damage can sometimes extend beyond the scope of routine repair. At PWCR, we take great care in identifying the need for repair as soon as possible to ensure that the integrity of your roofing system is maintained.


Our team will study the best feasible roof replacement or roof maintenance approach for your building. While safeguarding its integrity and encouraging future durability, whether your current roofing system has reached its end of life quota or if severe damage has been done on the roof.


Flat roofs add character to homes and businesses. PWRC does roof repair, replacement, and installation, and PWRC has provided the best low-pitch roof solutions for years.


PWCR specializes in durable roofing materials and expert installation. So your roof lasts a long time. PWCR installs trusted manufacturers with lengthy warranties, and we go above and above to safeguard your warranty.

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Hire The Right Roofing Company in Brampton

Roofing FAQs

1. Some Common Signs You Need a New Roof
Roofs fail due to poor quality cement used in construction. Curled roofs are more vulnerable to weak winds, and the wind will lift and rip them more forcefully. Replace your roof with a well-known brand or other roofing products.
2. How much does a roof repair cost?
Roof repair charges vary depending on the type of leak. Our minimum rate for a walkable roof on a one-story house is $499.00+HST, two-story homes are $599.00 plus HST, and three-story homes are $849.00. Get a free estimate today.
3. What is the difference between re-roofing and a new roof?
There is usually a significant price difference between re-roofing and installing a new roof. A new roof takes a lot of supplies and time to install because you install the shingles over the existing ones while reroofing, and you utilize fewer new materials.
4. What type of roof vent is the best?
The right roof vent for your home depends on several variables. Consider weather, cost, efficiency, and roof aesthetics when choosing a roof vent. Each type of roof vent varies, and professional roofing advice is critical.
5. What is flat roofing?
Unlike many slanted roofs, a flat roof is nearly level. Flat roofs have a pitch of up to 10 degrees. It is an antique design that allows for the use of the roof as a living area.
6. Do you provide a warranty?
Once the work is performed, and payment is received, we will offer a warranty of a minimum of 90-day workmanship. For more details speak to our roofing expert at 647-519-5447.