Whether you are getting a new roof next year or not, if you have roof leaks, you should fix them right away. A small leak can cause a lot of damage over time, including mold, rotted framing, destroyed insulation, and damaged ceilings. Damage and subsequent roof leak repair in Mississauga will be minimal if homeowners deal with it immediately.

Roof Repair Tips: How to Find and Fix a Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are likely to cause water stains that extend across ceilings and run down walls. Finding the leak is the difficult part; roof leak repair in Mississauga is usually not too difficult. PWCR’s licensed roofers provide long-term maintenance and repairs for a wide range of leaking roofs. In this article, you will find some simple tricks for locating and repairing roof leaks.

Finding a Leak

Most roof leaks originate away from the place where they appear, so they are difficult to find. Find out the source of a leak by following a leaking roof repair expert’s advice and thinking like water. In most cases, water gets into a home through worn, broken, or missing shingles, loose nails, or corroded or poorly sealed roof flashing around vents, skylights, or chimneys. A water leak inevitably finds its way to your favorite piece of furniture when it passes the roof rafters, sheathing, or topside of the ceiling. During the day, check for leaks on the roof.

After a period of dry weather, look for watermarks, stains, or discolorations on the wood caused by moisture. Turn off the light and find a hole where the daylight comes through. You can fix the leak when the weather clears by placing a bucket under the leak in an area with proper support.

Water-Testing for Roof Leaks

You can conduct a water test with a friend if you can’t find the cause of a leak from the attic or on the roof surface during dry weather. In order to do this, one person climbs onto the roof with a garden hose; the other person descends with a bucket and a strong light from inside the attic.

Push a nail through the hole to mark its location for rooftop repairs. It is best to contact commercial roof repair services near you for the best results.

How to fix a leaking roof

In the event that you are able to find the leak, you may be able to seal it using a silicone-based sealant or by covering the damaged roof tiles or shingles with a sheet of metal or lead flashing. Your gutters might be the problem. In this case, it may be just a matter of cleaning them out and repairing any broken sections. You may hire commercial roofing services for this job.

Safety first!

When carrying out any repairs that involve climbing up onto your roof or into your ceiling, be sure to consider your safety first. Do not climb up on a wet roof as it is very easy to slip and fall. When you fall from a roof or ladder, you run the risk of sustaining life-altering injuries. If you wish to choose a commercial roofing contractor, give us a call or contact us for professional help!

It can be dangerous to work on top of a roof, especially if it is steep or high. It can also be uncomfortable to enter small confined spaces, like your ceiling space. We have the appropriate training and equipment to perform repairs quickly and safely; some repairs should only be undertaken by qualified, experienced plumbers.

Fast Fix for a Roof Leak

Some roof leaks can be temporarily fixed with a 12-by-12-inch piece of galvanized sheet metal flashing, available at home improvement centers and hardware stores.

As you lift the damaged shingle, push the flashing up underneath the shingle so it covers the hole.

In order to push the flashing all the way up under the shingles above the leak, you may have to pry up one or more roofing nails in the row above the damaged shingle.

roof leaks

How to prevent roof leaks

A leaking roof can be prevented by regular care and maintenance, and prevention is always better than cure. Especially as winter approaches, you must ensure your roof is watertight.

Have your roof inspected regularly

PWCR plumbers can check your roof for damage each season and advise on any immediate actions to take to avoid permanent damage.

Cleaning Gutters

If your gutters are old or clogged with leaves, you should clean them at least twice a year to prevent water from overflowing and leaking into your roof. Rather than climbing up a ladder yourself, let a PWCR professional handle your gutter cleaning.

Inspect your roof plumbing

Our workers and trained plumbers can ensure that any leak is sealed quickly and effectively before it becomes a bigger problem if you are having trouble finding the source of a roof leak, need help with repairs, or are just trying to prevent it from happening. In addition, we can advise on any future problems your roof may encounter, helping to prevent further damage.


Roof leaks are among the most frustrating and inconvenient things in life. Slow-growing stains on your ceiling or patches of mold may indicate deeper problems that require immediate attention. Roof leaks aren’t always apparent as discoloration on your ceilings, but finding and fixing them can be tedious.

With 20+ years of experience in roof leak repair in Mississauga, PWCR can fix the leaking roof before expensive damage is done.