Whether you know that the materials and services in your residential roofing are exceptional or not, a winter roofing emergency might be unavoidable. These issues normally happen during the peak season, when there’s an event of outrageous storms or hailstorms.

Taking care of roofing emergencies can be more troublesome throughout the colder time of year. This is the reason you ought to set yourself up by knowing how to deal with such situations. Damage and roof leaks can appear to strike at the most terrible times. Specifically, those in regions with cold winters could find roof leaks strike when and homeowners will quite often tend to delay the fix.

At PWCR, we are a team of seasoned roofers. We offer you a range of roofing services, including winter roofing emergency services, roof leaks as well as to replace or install a new roof.

This article will explore ways through which homeowners can better handle emergency roofing repairs in the winter.

Things to do when you have a winter roofing emergency

Cold winter weather conditions can cause ice dams and holes in your roof. If you have a winter roofing emergency, you really want to fix it quickly. The following are several activities when you find face urgent issues with the roof during the winter –

1. Evaluate the intensity of the damage

Firstly, determine how much harm has happened. Assuming that it’s leaking in your kitchen, there is clearly no time to spare. Find nearby Niagara Falls roofing contractors that offer emergency roofing services and have their number on the dial. Utilize a bucket or can to catch water and cover furniture and different valuables with plastic.

The three most common types of winter damage are –

  • Ice Dams

When water enters a little opening in the roof or infiltrates under the shingles, it can freeze and grow. This leaves bigger openings or holes. Water upholds under the shingles, burdening the roof and drains, leading to roof leaks.

  • Condensation

When a house has a lack of wind stream, condensation can form in the loft and on the underside of the roof. It causes moisture, mold, and breaks. This causes a weakening of the building.

  • Clogged gutters or drains

Clogs keep water from flowing away from the house and cause buildup or pooling on the roof. It worsens other frail or ineffectively protected bits of the roof. This can prompt breaks in the cellar or foundation wall development as water gathers close to the house and afterward freezes and expands. This is where homeowners need to decide whether to replace or install a new roof.

2. Safety first

The damage might appear to be little. However, winter conditions can exasperate even the most inconsequential wearing and tearing. Keep your family (and yourself) out of danger by hiring a roofing company Niagara Falls for repairs.

hiring the best roofing company

Whenever you’ve protected your family, you really want to reach out to your neighborhood Niagara Falls roofing contractors. Meanwhile, if it’s safe, you can lead a visual investigation of your roof from the beginning with a couple of binoculars. In any case, a full review by an accomplished professional is important.

3. Have a professional examine the roof

Have an expert roofer evaluate the degree of the damage. A quality roofing expert will actually want to distinguish the specific wellspring of the damage, including the reason, for example, ice dams or condensation. They can help to determine whether to replace or install a new roof. This data is indispensable prior to pushing ahead with your insurance. It demonstrates that damage is a consequence of an insured risk.

Professional roofers assist you with navigating the insurance claim process. As they decide the best solution for your roof, ask them for a full expense breakdown for their services. Make a hard copy of everything, including bonds, permits, and warranty.


A roof is a huge part of your home. Fixing damages should be your first concern. The requirement for emergency roof fixes is impromptu. You must be proactive with regard to roof maintenance. You can contact us and look at our works to ensure you are getting the highest quality of roofing services while partnering with us.